Intergroup Committees

Intergroup Meetings – The 1st Thursday of the Month at 6:30 pm.

Contact: Chairperson

The purpose of Intergroup is to help carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous by Providing an office and maintaining the A.A. Hotline
Update and publish meeting schedules; Maintain an inventory of pamphlets, books, and tapes; Make a diligent effort to publish an intergroup newsletter; Establish and provide for intergroup committees.

Bylaws – Harrisburg Intergroup Bylaws
Intergroup – Support Your Intergroup Flyer

A.A. Hotline
Contact: Matt N.

  • Manages A.A. Hotline

Contact: Sabrena H.

  • Preside at all Intergroup meetings, assuring compliance with  AA traditions and Intergroup Bylaws;
  • Set goals for committees

Co-Chair: Jim K.

  • Assists the chairperson

Contact: Joe B.

  •  Accepts 7th Tradition money for intergroup, reimburses individuals for group expenses and reports monthly the credit and debit of Intergroup.

    Co-Treasurer: Shayne R.

    • Assists the treasurer

Contact: Judy W.

      •  Records the minutes of each Intergroup meeting.

Contact: Rick H. – Joyce T.

  • Sells literature to Local AA Groups.

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Accessibility Committee
Contact: Akim S.

Accessibilities Committee link button

  • Assists AA members who have a variety of challenges in accessing the AA message

Website Committee
Contact: Jose A.

    • Manages the Harrisburg AA Website
    • Keeps meeting list up to date
  • Updates Local AA Events

Public Information & CPCContact: Sondra S. 

  •  Carries the message of AA to hospitals, institutions, jails, and schools. Distributes literature and information to the general public.

Area 59 District 36 A.A. Archives
Contact: District 36

 Chronicler of AA. Records history of local AA groups, events, and literature.

Local A.A. History
Contact: Norm S.

  • Researches Local A.A. Group’s History for the
    Harrisburg Area Intergroup and collaborates with District 36 Archivist.
  • Meets the 3rd Thursday of every month at the Fellowship House 
    ( for now we are doing virtual online meetings – click below to join us )

Institutions & Treatment Centers Contact: Jose A. 

  • Treatment Centers: 
    • Carries the message and meetings to treatment centers.
  • Institutions:
    • Provide local TC and institutions with literature and educates professionals with information about what AA is and what AA is not.
    • Institutions Committee needs involvement and speakers to carry the message to local rehabs and TC.

ActivitiesContact: Molly M. & Judy W.

  • Plans and organizes AA outreach events for HAI Intergroup.

Women: Mandi D.         Men: Steve T.           

    • Taking AA Meetings into Cumberland County Men’s and Women’s Prison, Cumberland County Men’s Work Release Centers, Dauphin County Men’s and Women’s Prison, Dauphin County Men’s and Women’s Work Release Centers, Perry County Prison, and SCI Camp Hill State Prison.
    • This committee meets 4 to 6 times a year (every 8 to 10 weeks), at 19th Street (at the fellowship house) on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 7 pm.
    • We work on planning our annual corrections workshop and review all facility AA programs.
  • The corrections committee is made up of a Chair, Secretary, and Volunteer Leads from each facility.

Men Volunteers are needed at the DC Men’s Prison.



Harrisburg Area Meetings