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The New Beginnings Group of Mechanicsburg will be meeting Tuesday July 16th and Thursday July 18th Only at Fisher Park Pavilion in Upper Allen Township. Both meetings start at 7pm.
Directions Click Here.

Canceled MEETINGS:

The Desire Group Wednesday night 7:30 meeting held at MCC of the Spirit Church has been cancelled effective immediately.

PLEASE MAKE SURE to notify us via email at if you have an update, addition or a canceled meeting so that we can update the meeting lists.  


On-Going Event: Fellowship Bowling at Trindle Bowl – FLYER



Bridge Street Speakers
The Bridge Street Group meets Sunday evening at a new location:
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, New Cumberland at 8 PM

July 2019 Speakers
July – Chairperson for the Month:  Tim C
7th – Justin A. from Bridge St. group
14th – Ciera M. from Trinity, West Shore
21st – Nick L. from Trinity, West Sore
28th – Not known, yet.

August 2019 Speakers
August – Ken H.. Chairperson
4th – Scott from As Bill See It
11th – Megan S. from More to Life
18th – Jim W. from Young People’s Group
25th – Ashley L. from More to Life

Hershey Group Speakers

The Hershey Group Saturday Night Speaker Meeting:
(1st Saturday of Month)
Derry Presbyterian Church, Hershey, PA – 8 PM
Speakers 1st Saturday of the Month in 2019

Trudgers Group Speakers
The Trudgers Group Speaker Meeting:
N. Union & Water St. Presbyterian Church, Middletown, PA at 7 PM

Survivors Group Speakers
The Survivors Group Anniversary Speaker Meeting:
Last Two Thursdays Open Speaker
N. Union & Water St. Presbyterian Church, Middletown, PA at 7 PM


All of them, please support your local meetings.


To ensure that any person that calls our hotline gets a live person and not an answering machine, Intergroup pays for a cell phone (and a hotline number) and asks that groups sign up for one month and pass the cell phone around to their members (who also sign up) to answer this cell phone when someone calls. Out hotline number is 717-234-5390 and is a valuable resource for people looking for meetings or are struggling and have questions about AA.

More information is available here.

Month Group
January 2019 Rebellion Dawgs
February 2019 There is More to Life
March 2019 Young People
April 2019 The Hershey Group
May 2019 Harrisburg Men’s
June 2019 Easier, Softer Way
July 2019 A Vision For You
August 2019 Dillsburg Area Group
September 2019 Living Sober
October 2019 Hershey Nooner
November 2019 Big Book East
December 2019 Out of the Dark


The CSO is located in the Fellowship House, 1251 South 19th Street, Harrisburg, PA.

District 36

Harrisburg Area Intergroup is located within District 36, Area 59.

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